Free & Simple
website monitoring

Get a Direct Message on Twitter
when your websites are down

The companies that we like to monitor, just to show off

It's free, really free

Our goal is to provide a simple and free service to monitor your websites. We do not sell your personal data and we guarantee that current features will never require that you pay to continue using it.

Lifetime benefit for beta testers

We don't know what the future holds, but we know that all future updates will always be free for all beta testers. We like reward benevolent people. ♥ thanks

Instant notification with Twitter, Slack and more

Our service uses Twitter to alert you in real time in case of failure on your websites. Our robot contacts you privately by sending a Direct Message (DM) on Twitter.

You can also configure an additional notification on Slack, Discord, Mattermost or Webhook

Watch over 20 websites per minute

You can monitor up to 20 URLs, checked every minute with a standard account. But if you have good karma, we can increase your quota for free.

Join the beta and choose the next features
Pingbreak needs your opinions to grow

Get notified through Twitter if your website is down. Pingbreak checks all of your websites each minute and alerts you instantly by Direct Message (DM) or slack, discord, mattermost notifications.

Do you need anything else ? it is you who will choose the next features.

  • Do not look for our prices, Pingbreak is totally FREE!
  • Pingbreak is developed by volunteers and hosted by our generous sponsors
  • We respect your privacy, we will not spam or sell your personal data
  • The roadmap is written by you
  • Twitter permissions are required for sending messages
Required Twitter account
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